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Acetaldehyde 100

         Chemical Resistance Chart   


A to C

Stainless steel inner wire
Polypropylene inner wire
Galvanized steel inner wire
Green Cover.
Black Cover.
Blue Cover.
A Generally Suitable for use at 140 F (60 C)
B Generally Suitable for use at worldwide Ambient temperatures.
C Suitable for intermittent use only
NR Not recommended




Acetaldehyde 100% C C NR
Acetaldehyde 40% A A NR
Acetic acid , glacial B B NR
Acetic acid 60% A A NR
Acetic anhydride 100% B B NR
Acetoacetic ester 100% B B NR
Acetone 100% A A A
Acetone cyanohydrin B B NR
Acetonitrile B B B
Acetophenone B B B
Acetylacetone B B B
Acetyl chloride NR NR NR
Acetylene dichloride B B B
Acetylene tetrachloride C C C
Acriflavine H20 A A NR
Acryladehyde (Acrolein) B B B
Acrylamide sol B B NR
Acrylic acid B B NR
Acrylic emusion C A C
Acrylonitrile A A A
Adipic acid aqueous A A A
Adiponitrine B B B
Alkane B B B
Alkyl benzene sulphonic
Acid sol B C NR
Allyl alcohol A A A
Allyl bromide C C C
Allyl chloride C C C
Alpha methylstyrene B B NR
Alpha olefine B B NR
Aluminum chloride sol A NR NR
Aluminum salts sol B A NR
Aluminum sulphate sol A A A
Alums,all types A A NR
Aminoethyl ethanolamine B B NR
Aminoethoxy ethanol B B NR
Aminoethyl piperazine B B NR
Ammonia sol A A NR
Ammonium chloride sol C A NR
Ammonium hydroxide B B B
Ammonium nitrate sol NR NR NR
Ammonium salts B A NR
Ammonium sulfate sol A A A
Ammonium sulfide A A A
Ammonium thiosulfate A A A
Amyl acetate C C C
Amyl alcohol B B B
Amyl chloride C C C
Amylenes tertiary B B B
Aniline A A A
Animal oils A A A
Anisole C C C
Antimony chloride NR B NR
Aqua regia NR C NR
Aromatic spirits B B NR
Arsenic acid C B NR
Arsenic chloride NR B NR
Aviation fuel(115/145 octane) B B NR
Aviation turbine fuel
Barium carbonate A A A
Barium chloride sol NR A NR
Barium hydroxide A A NR
Barium sulfate A A NR
Barium Sulfide A A NR
Barium salts B A NR
Beer A A NR
Benzaldehyde C C NR
Benzene C C NR
Benzene sulfonyl chloride NR NR NR
Benzene acid A A NR
Benzoly chloride C C C
Benzyl acetate B B NR
Benzyl alcohol A A A
Benzylbutyl phthalate B B B
Benzylchloride C C C
Bleach(12.5%CI) C B NR
Borax aqueous A A A
Boric acid A A NR
Brine NR A NR
Bunker oil B B B
Butadiene B B B
Butanediol B B B
Butanol B B B
Butyl acetate C C C
Butyl acrylate B B B
Butyl Alcohol A A A
Butyl amine B B NR
Butyl benzene B B B
Butylbenzyl phthalate B B B
Butyl bromide PTFE tube only
Butyl butyrate B B B
Butyl carbitol A A A
Butyl carbitol acetate C C C
Butyl cellosolve A A A
Butyl cellosolve acetate C C C
Butyl chloride PTFE tube only
Methacrylate mixture NR NR NR
Butyl diethoxol B B NR
Butylene glycol A A A
Butyl ether B B B
Butlethyl ether B B B
Butyl methacryate C C C
Butylmethoxethyl ether C C C
Butyl phthalate A A A
Butyl stearate B B B
Butyraldehyde C C NR
Butyric acid B B B
Butyric anhydride B B B
Butyrolacetone C C C
Calcium acetate B B B
Calcium alkyl phenate B B B
Calcium alkyl salicylate sol A A NR
Calcium aluminate A A NR
Calcium bisulfate A A NR
Calcium carbonate A A NR
Calcium chloride C A NR
Calcium hydroxide A A NR
Calcium hypochlorite C B NR
Calcium nitrate A A NR
Calcium silicate A A A
Calcium sulfate A A NR
Calcium sulfide A A NR
Calcium sulfite A A NR
Calcium sulfhydrate A A NR
Camphor oil C C C
Caprylic acid A A A
Carbinols B B B
Carbitols B B B
Carbitol acetate C C C
Carbolic acid A A B
Carbolic oil C C C
Carbon bisulfide B B NR
Carbon disulfide C C C
Carbon monoxide A A NR
Carbon tetrachloride C C C
Carbonic acid A A NR
Cashew nut shell oil B B B
Castor oil B B NR
Caustic potash B A NR
Caustic soda B A C
Cellosolve B B B
Cetyl alcohol B B NR
Cetyl-eicosyl methacrylate
Mixtures B B C
Chlorinated solvents B B NR
Chloroacetic acid R B NR
Chlorine R NR NR
Chlorobenzene C C C
Chlorobutane C C C
Chloroform C C C
Chlorohydrins C C C
Chloroprene C C C
Chloropropionic acid C C NR
Chlorosulfonic acid R NR NR
Chlorothene B B B
Chlorotoluene C C C
Chrome alum A A NR
Chromic acid aqueous C C NR
Citric acid A A NR
Coal tar naphtha B B B
Copper chloride R A NR
Copper nitrate A A NR
Copper sulfate A A NR
Creosote B B B
Cresols B B B
Cresylic acid B B B
Crotonaldehyde C C C
Crude oil A A A
Cumene B B B
Cyclohexane B B B
Cyclohexanol B B B
Cyclohexanone C C C
Cyclohexylamine B B NR
Cyclopentane B B B
p-Cymene B B B

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